Director Johanna Hamilton’s marvelous documentary tells the largely forgotten story of a break-in at an FBI office in Pennsylvania by anti-war activists. What the burglars found was a trove of documents revealing the pervasive extent of FBI... Read more

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Emotionalintimacy can be very difficult to maintain in an outdoor theatre. The dramaticimmediacy can fizzle in the open air. Summerstage manages a respectable kind ofintimacy with its emotionally entrancing production of Talley’s Folly,which o.. Read more


“Monsters, Mayhem & Mac ’n Cheese” is a family-oriented program of dance-theater works by Dani Kuepper, artistic director of Danceworks Performance Company. Like the best animated movies, it’s intended to appeal to the child in us Read more

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As the mother of four,choreographer Dani Kuepper has learned to value the absurd as a bon Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W.Walnut St.: April 16, workshop at 6 p.m., show at 7 p. ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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