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I used to consult the Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg like it was some kind of oracle. Think about a problem, flip to a page at random and read the poem. Invariably it would relate. This month, Jonathan Gillard Daly pays tribute to Sandburg’s .. Read more


Ahhh, the things we do for love: awaking early to serve breakfast in bed, proclaiming oneself Supreme Head of the Church of England to annul our current marriage and marry Anne Boleyn, attempting to assassinate Reagan in order to impress J... Read more


There’s a tremendous amount of appeal in Jane Martin’s dark 1990s comedy Cementville. Just looking at the stage as one enters the theater, one might not guess as much. It’s a rancid locker room, the sole setting for the comedy Read more


Somewhere in the midst of starring in Renaissance Theaterworks’ The Understudy, actor Ken T. Williams started rehearsing for the next play that would be produced on the same stage by a different company altogether. He’s switching from theat... Read more


When tragedy strikes away from home, it can be difficult enough waiting for the mobile phone call from a loved one to find out they’re okay—the facebook update or whatever it is that lets you know that the person you care about managed to escape.. Read more


Continuing its dedication to the development of new material, the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents the latest in its Montgomery Davis Play Development Seriesa staged reading of Eric Appleton’s new comedy Among The Squirrels. The cast for the r.. Read more


Wisconsin has a strange dynamic for creative types. Those born in the general area often leave for some time . . . sometimes leaving for good (Houdini, Willem DaFoe,) sometimes coming back and managing to make a fairly decent living. After bounc.. Read more


Donte McFadden is a scholar of works by black filmmakers from the United States, continental Africa, Britain and the Caribbean. He is finishing a Ph.D. in the modern studies program of UW-Milwaukee’s English Department. Let’s start with yo Read more

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Wecould learn a lot from Spain. As it is, our culture in America issagging under the con The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tapas ,Eat/Drink Read more

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Returning for a second run, this popular Times Cinema program gives the feature treatment to the slapstick shorts that once preceded feature films. The program includes six Three Stooges shorts (four with Curley; two with Shemp, for those w... Read more

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Itis our nostalgic claim to Irishness that finds us in a smoky corner baron St. Patrick’s ,Cover Story Read more

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