“ Milwaukee in the late 1920swas a town of unblushing, brawny vice rammed through with scents of Europeancooking, cheap perfume, and workers’ sweat… the city’s gentry tried to misleadthemselves into thinking of Milwaukee as fragile and cultur.. more

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Although he was never one to romanticize suffering, for Hayward Williams, depression was the devil he knew. Over the years the Milwaukee songwriter had learned to accept the condition, and, like many artists, even take inspiration from it.... more

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Last year the Milwaukee alt-rock duo Jackraasch quietly broke up, then promptly picked up where they left off. Singer/guitarist Sean Raasch and drummer Tyler Nelson rebranded themselves Twin Brother, adding a third man to the band, bassist Lodewij.. more

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Anyone missing the kind of soft rock with a slightly crusty exterior that Darius "Hootie" Rucker proffered in the '90s with his Blowfish could do plenty worse than to give an ear to Third Day's Mac Powell. Of course, listeners to certain more

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Terry Teachout’s previous biographical subjects are George Balanchine and H. L. Mencken, so it’s a boon to Louis Armstrong fans that Teachout chose the great man for this new life story. Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong (Houghton Mifflin Har... more