Motion City Soundtrack

When we last heard from Milwaukee's Sat. Nite Duets, on their 2013 album Electric Manland , they were venturing in some strange new places. That record was utterly wild, a proggy, synth-squiggled freakout dizzy with digressive genre shifts. So did.. Read more

On Music

This summer, Minnesota pop-rock quintet Motion City Soundtrack released their fifth and arguably most dynamic album, <i>Go</i>. It touches on sounds both old and new. The album's Moog-driven opener, “Circuits and Wires,” has a Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Some fortunate early tours with Blink-182 led the Minneapolis emo-pop-punk band Motion City Soundtrack to collaborations with Mark Hoppus, who produced their second album, 2005’s Commit This to Memory , as well as their latest Read more

Today in Milwaukee