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Foxconn obviously was attracted to Wisconsin’s anti-worker political environment under Scott Walker, but clearly the deciding factor was the terrible contract he negotiated. Recovering from Walker’s $4 billion taxpayer giveaway could take decades. more

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The village decided to approve the “Award of Damages” for nine parcels of land within the area for a roadway expansion related to the Foxconn project. more

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An illustrated opinion piece by Susan Bietila. more

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While the changing picture of the Foxconn development signals trouble to some, supporters have framed it as just the company’s way of adapting to ensure long-term success. more

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Concerns over environmental impact, water usage and traffic backups are at the forefront of many minds across the region, as Foxconn plans to finish its Mount Pleasant manufacturing campus in 2022. more

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The Mount Pleasant Village Board voted Monday to declare the area where the new Foxconn Technology Campus will be located to be blighted in order to acquire land from holdouts in the area. more

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