How She Move

This is the second full-length CD by the eight-piece Jersey-based roots reggae band. The title is a bit misleading; high-energy music it is not. A funky rhythm section, punctuated by B3 organ fills and a three-piece horn section Read more

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This summer the Milwaukee hip-hop duo AUTOMatic released either their best or their worst song yet, depending on your tastes: “Move,” a thumping, electro-funk throwback that divided listeners who had grown accustomed... Read more

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“Get It While You Can,” the closing track on Pearl, proved strangely prophetic. Janis Joplin would die shortly after completing the 1970 session, cutting short her rapid development as an artist. Pearl was her greatest achievement, and the ... Read more

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The JS has a really good article about Bo Ryan and his ability to take teams that seem down and out and make them into champions. Here's the first few paragraphs: Madison - If people didn't know before, they should know now to.. Read more

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Rayawason her way up from the projects and on the path to medical school whenher sister How She Move ,Film Read more

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