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Every screening I saw over the holidays—and I went to many in a desperate scramble to keep up with year-end Oscar bait—was packed. And big box office wasn’t just happening in Milwaukee.Over the four-day holiday weekend alone, American moviegoer.. more

I Hate Hollywood

It’s a time of upheaval and uncertainty: the values of recent years have been exposed as without value, debt is no longer cool and consequence free, our captains of finance are crooks, our polished philanthropists are arrogant chiselers. Headline.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Heath Ledger proved bigger in death than he was in life during the opening weekend of The Dark Knight, with three-day ticket sales breaking record at $155.3 million. It was especially tragic because, with the strength of Ledger's unforgettable pe.. more

I Hate Hollywood

  Castingan unwavering gaze at the darker side of human nature, Joe Orton’s En Entertaining Mr. Sloane ,Theater more


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Inbothsound and manner of dress, members of The Scarring Party draw fr Come Away from the Light, ,Concert Reviews more

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