The Toronto jazz group The Tiki Collective brings together 16 vocalists and a flock of players for a set of recordings that draw on the ’50s-’60s tiki bar exotica associated with Arthur Lyman. Read more

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Before brothers Oliver and Chris Wood started their own group, The Wood Brothers, nearly a decade ago, they each had already pursued long and markedly different Read more

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The Iliad is one of the oldest stories still being told. It’s not so much a pillar of world literature as a living trunk that continues to grow branches. The latest offshoot, An Iliad, is the Obie-winning adaptation by Lisa Peterson and Den... Read more


The British alternative rock trio Musewho have emerged over recent albums as a sort of Rush for the Radiohead, modern-rock generationwill headline an Oct. 6 show at the Bradley Center, the venue announced this morning. Tickets go on sale Saturday,.. Read more

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