Music Man

A con man breezes into small town America in the early 20th century. He poses as a band leader promising instruments and uniforms and lessons to kids in a small town in Iowa. A local librarian sees what he’s up to and things get complicated in the.. more


The Skylight Opera Theatre's elaborately staged, exhilarating production of The Music Man is a joyous, nostalgic reminder of the kind of show that used to define the Broadway musical stage. But time can take its toll even with the most fond... more


The Imagination Theatre of Germantown is looking to cast for its production of the1950’s Meredith Wilson musical The Music Man. Trouble right here in River City comes to Germantown August 12th through 21st and Imagination is looking for a cast. .. more


There are occasional perks to being a shamelessly self-promoting fledgling wine writer. Every now and again, perks appear. Several weeks ago, I was working with my fellow blogger Harlan Weikle, proprietor of "Here's Cooking at You, Kid." We... more


Compared to Milwaukee Countyparks like Whitnall, Lincoln and Grant, which together encomp Milwaukee Color is brought to you by WMSE 91.7. ,Arts & Entertainment more

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