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Outskirts Theatre Company takes the stage of the Tenth Street Theatre this month with a production of the early 2000's coming-of-age drama Bare: A Pop Opera. A very nuanced Ryan Albrechtson stars as Peter--a Catholic high school kid dealing with h.. Read more

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The proposed federal budget eliminates spending for the arts and humanities while grossly increasing spending on the military. This sort of thing is echoed locally in schools all over the country as the arts and humanities generally get less fundi.. Read more


Sometimes you don't want to have to watch anything particularly deep. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy light, classy rock in a musical theater setting. This month, Skylight Music Theatre responds to that desire Read more


When listening to the dreamy, visceral work of Jacques Brel, one instantly pictures a man singing by a piano in a smoky bar in Europe. The Belgian singer-songwriter didn’t own a remarkable voice, but his best work perfectly captured Read more

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Gloria Clark, 62, was charged in the death of her 98-year-old mother in St. George, S.C., in December after the mother's body was found among squalid conditions at her home. Though Clark denied she had been neglectful, the mother's pet parr... Read more

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One of last year's best songs has given way to one of this year's most gorgeous music videos. Kid Cudi's inescapable "Day 'N' Nite," which debuted last February on the rapper's introductory mixtape A Kid Named Cudi and has since been endlessly rep.. Read more

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  Everyonce in a while, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Pussy Galore’s Julia C SentimentalEducation ,CD Reviews Read more

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The popular Elton John and Tim Rice soundtrack, which includes hits like “Can You Fe The Lion King ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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