The medieval Muslim leader Saladin ruled over Sunni and Shia with relative equanimity and recaptured Jerusalem from the Roman Catholic Crusaders. Writing for a popular audience in Saladin: The Sultan Who Vanquished the Crusades and Built an... more

Oct 11, 2016 2:12 PM Books

Today with Donald Trump spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric and the tragic event in San Bernardino, Calif., we are unfortunately seeing a new wave of anti-Muslim bigotry, and believe it is necessary to do another special issue on Muslims in Milwau... more

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Preciselyon schedule, the usual assortment of right wing operatives is preparingits expected assault on the Democratic presidential nominee. While thisunwholesome phase of the election cycle is known universally as “Swiftboating”named after the d... more

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HarryPotter went darker as the series progressed and the same may be happening wit Prince Caspian ,Film more

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