The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s (MYSO) Community Partnership Programs was recognized by Michelle Obama for the engagement of 1,000 students a year in programming that empowers young people from diverse backgrounds to joyfully pursu... Read more


Hat tip to my friend Beth, who alerted me to the news in an e-mail titled "Wow ... Another Milwaukee Radio Station that Plays 'Whatever.'" In a confounding move, one of the few Milwaukee radio stations that played contemporary-pop music, WK.. Read more

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Whenever a sensational violentcrime occurs in a poor neighborhood, right-wing talk sho Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Why,then, does he appear increasingly plausible as the next president?Assurance, grace and mastery of the facts have helped to lift hisstature, as did his daring decision to venture abroad, directlyc,News Features Read more

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The Florentine Opera Company concludes its three-day production of Vincenzo Bellini&rsquo Romeo and Juliet ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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I am providing another article and video on artificial sweeteners. I normally do not post anything regards false, but in this case, I firmly believe is wrong. It states "anecdotal only" as reason. As a mother of an ASD child,.. Read more

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A picture gallery here - check out Prince's beginning dreads. Article about how Prince and Braun need to learn patience at the plate Should the Brewers head back to the AL by switching places with the Royals? Article here. .. Read more

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Milwaukee’s colorfulpast, more interesting than the history of many heartland citie Stalag 17 ,Books Read more

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I heard somewhere the other day that some talking head called the UW men's basketball team the most "complete team" that there is right now.The stats are backing that up. In five Big Ten games, we have 5 wins and 5 different guys score 20 or more .. Read more

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A Ticket To Ride ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Matt Nelson Website: Nelson for Alder Contact: Contact Nelson/ As Red Pepper ,Elections Read more

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LENA TAYLOR Web site: Lena Taylor Campaign contact: Contact Lena Vi Abominations ,Elections Read more

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No Country for Old Men New Territory for the Coens? November 26, 2007 | 07:42 AM Joel and Ethan Coen have been off-stride in recent years, proffering a charmless remake of The Lady Killers and all-quirks-and-tics films such as The Man W.. Read more

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