Madison-based journalist Dean Robbins will discuss his new book, The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean, at Boswell Book Co. on June 4. Read more


Off the Cuff with Vanessa Sawatzke and Max Read about their participation in Wildcat Rocketry, a UW-Washington County club with plans for a NASA-sponsored rocket launch competition. Read more

Off the Cuff

Astronaut Scott Kelly comes to UW-Milwaukee to discuss his record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station, collecting data for a future human mission to Mars. Read more


“We are, at heart, space travel agents," writes Olivia Koski and Jana Grcevich, tongues gently in cheek. Vacation Guide to the Solar System is constructed around the idea of high-end adventure trips to neighboring planets but it’s also a... Read more


Drawn from Margot Lee Shetterly’s non-fiction account, Hidden Figures dramatizes the work of people whose faces never appeared in broadcasts from Cape Kennedy or Mission Control, a trio of African American women whose facility with numbers ... Read more

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Having directed NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies for most of the past four decades, James E. Hansen retired this month to devote himself to the scientific activism that has brought both awards and catcalls during Read more

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America's Chicken Little pundits and politicians cried "The sky is falling!" when the Soviets launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite. President Eisenhower, however, maintained an eerie calm that infuriated columnists and Read more


When light hits photosensitive paper through a lens, a moment is captured. Generations later, however, that moment is likely to be forgotten. Ultimately it's the stories behind a photo that connect an image to the present. Madison-based pla... Read more


With the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour on Tuesday morning, NASA began a 16-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS) to install part of a Japanese laboratory and the Canadian Space Agency's two-armed gargantuan robotic system Sp.. Read more

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Sheboygan native Rick What’s your take? Write: ,Expresso Read more

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