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Ex Machina director Alex Garland returns with another unsettling science fiction masterpiece, Annihilation. Read more

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NataliePortman was an early favorite to win Best Actress for her star turn in Jackie ,but then, early Oscar favorites often come home without the golden statue.Along with the La La Land juggernaut, 2016 just didn’t seem like a.. Read more

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Despite several moving scenes, Jackie falls short of being an entirely moving film. Perhaps the continual back-and-forth between a not terribly engaging interviewer and Jackie’s flashbacks thwarts the story’s momentum. Read more

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On his 21st birthday, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns he’s inherited the ability of his father (Bill Nighy) to travel back in time and improve upon his life. Tim mainly uses his newfound power to woo Mary (Rachel McAdams in bowl-cut bangs), t... Read more

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Natalie Portman won the Best Actress Oscar for her leading role in Black Swan and the nod was well deserved. With her hair tied back in a severe yet sexy bun and looking out at the world through disconcerted eyes, Portman plays Nina, the girl who.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

On his first day as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker declared a state of “economic emergency” caused by “years of mismanagement” and a business climate that has “for too long been stifled by burdensome regulation, taxes an Read more

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2009 ChuckShepherd,None Read more

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