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If There’s a Hell Below Debra (Carol Roscoe), claiming to be a whistleblower for a secretive government agency, has a rendezvous with Abe (Conner Marx), an idealistic if naïve young alternativ,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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Wavves distance themselves from the Nirvana- and Weezer-esque alt-rock of Afraid of Heights on their new album V. Read more

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While they get plenty of hype, people seem to find a lot of reasons to dismiss Wavves—the grungy California garage outfit led by Nathan Williams—portraying them as drunken louts whose rapid rise to notoriety must Read more

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“Laugh,” singer Nathan Williams accuses the listener on his spirited third album as Wavves, “I bet you laugh right behind my back.” He’s got reason good reason for the suspicion. The same supporters that built Williams up as one of last year’s bre.. Read more

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When times get tough, the tough get twisted. With a struggling economy and rising unemploy 3Penny Opera ,Theater Read more

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