National Endowment For The Arts

Award-winning novelist Goldie Goldbloom discusses her latest with Marquette University English professor CJ Hribal at Boswell Book Co. on Nov. 11. Read more


Guest editorialist and Milwaukee Artistic Director Michael Pink discusses the importance of continued federal funding for the arts. Read more

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Another Halloween has come and gone. Kids are sorting their loot; parents are double checking said loot to prevent the consumption of drugs, razor blades and bouillon cubes; and the Great Pumpkin (once again) failed to make an appearance. H... Read more

Visual Arts

Mark your calendars, Milwaukee: theSurgeon General of the American art scene is dropping by. Jane Chu, the 11th Chairman of the NationalEndowment for the Arts, will be presiding over a town meeting at the MilwaukeeInstitute.. Read more

Visual Arts

“I’ve never related to comics but I love the concept of selective memory,” Director Mark Clements said of The History Invulnerability, a fantasy biography by playwright Read more

A&E Feature

Exploring the connections between art and everyday life has been a concern of artists since Marcel Duchamp at the beginning of the 20th century and Andy Warhol in mid-century. But neither of these artists envisioned how far Read more

Visual Arts

A guest spot from Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump helped call attention to Mirrors, the 2006 album from the Milwaukee-area metalcore band Misery Signals, and strong reviews from punk zines further fanned the album’s flames. Misery Read more

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