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The great art house director adapts a true story of dissent and martyrdom in Nazi Germany Read more

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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: Nazi Junkies, Ritual: A Psychomagic Story, Zizou and the Arab Spring. Read more

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New book uncovers the links between Martin Heidegger and Nazism. Read more

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With the award-winning Hannah’s Dress, Pascale Hugues has written a fascinating and engaging local history, applicable in its methods to other places around the world. Read more


A new documentary on films from pre-Nazi Germany shows how movies are more than just entertainment. They take the pulse of the people who produce them and consume them. Read more

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The rarely seen 1943 German film depicting the doomed voyage of then Titanic has been released on Blu-ray. Read more

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This summer, the World’s Stage Theatre beautifully brings Martin Sherman’s concentration camp drama BENT to the intimate space of the Tenth Street Theatre Read more


Leipzig University’s Nicolas Berg generated controversy when this book, The Holocaust and the West German Historians, first appeared in Germany (2003) for its hard look at the leading figures in his field. Read more


Theater was born in ancient Athens in amphitheaters much like the one overlooking the city where this hit-filled concert was recorded. Peter Gabriel brought rock theater to an exceptional level in staging, lighting, choreography and gesture... Read more

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“If you ever have to go to war,” Walter Cronkite said late in life, “don't go by glider.” Gliders in wartime do not always glide the way they are supposed to, and the canvas-covered, aluminum-framed one carrying Cronkite to co Read more