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Van Buren'sWhiskey Bar and Grill on Van Buren just south of Brady will hold its grandopening March 27. The space, formerly home to Libby's Lounge, has beenremodeled by owner Fancisco Sandino and his son Sergio. It features largewindows, a rebu.. more

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Photo Credit: George Ketsekes Jr.

Larry Shue’s popular comedy, The Nerd, is performed at Sunset Playhouse. more



Photo by George Katsekes Jr.

Larry Shue’s stage play The Nerd was kind of a forerunner for movies like Dumb & Dumber , Billy Madison and, well, a lot of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler movies, actually. While it’s true that the socially awkward clown has been around in pop cultur.. more


 Several summers  ago, my wife and I saw The Milwaukee Rep's Lee Ernst at the Shed in Spring Green Wisconsin. Thought about saying hello, but I didn't know what else I'd say. This particular summer finds Ernst quite a bit further north then Spri.. more


Fish Creek's venerable Peninsula Players continues its 77th season with Larry Shue's classic comedy The Nerd. The story of an insufferably annoying man made its world debut in Milwaukee in April 1981. It has since been staged all over the c... more


  It’s difficult to imagine precisely what line of thought Ben Zook had in mind with the screenplay to Jack and Jill. Same guy plays identical twin brother and sister. Andam Sandler picks up the idea and it becomes a modest success at the box o.. more


We’re assuming that anybody reading this blurb doesn’t need to read yet another Bruce Springsteen comparison, so instead here’s a bit of trivia about the Milwaukee ties of Brooklyn’s The Hold Steady. The band’s bassist Galen more

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The daughter of Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Caillat, clean-scrubbed adult alternative it-girl Colbie Caillat offers a fluffy alternative for “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers who find Norah Jones too heavy and Jason Mraz too dark. more

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In The Wrong Mother, the latest thriller from Little Face author Sophie Hannah, a young mother pays the price for stepping out on her family when she learns the truth about the man she had a brief affair with a year prior, Mark Bretherick. ... more

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But down-to-earth appeal also no doubt played a role in MercyMe’s ascendance to the upper echelon of Christian music. Leading the way is the portly Millard, who looks like your weekend-barbecuing neighbor who also happens to possess a clear... more

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