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Craft beer lovers of New Berlin rejoiced this week as the City of New Berlin has announced a partnership Read more


When MGM’s The Wizard of Oz was produced, Judy Garland was 17 years old. She was playing a character younger than she was. They had her wearing a painful corset to make her look more childlike, which was the least of the misery on the set .. Read more


Nobody feels the effects of extremeweather such as drought, flooding and above-normal temperatures quite likeWisconsin farmers. Though accustomed to skillfully adapting and findingsolutions when the unpredictable occurs, climate change poses a .. Read more

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Iam fully aware that it was a musical that was originally performed by adults. Ieven saw a big-budget touring production of Oklahoma! that cameto the Marcus Center some time ago. One would think that I could imagine theplay being done by anyon.. Read more


TheWest Performing Arts Center inNew Berlin opens its summer season in the final weeks of the summer. The stage,which also serves the New Berlin West Middle and High School will be home to ano less than three productions this August.We’re All .. Read more


The grassroots group Neighbors First New Berlin filed suit against the City of New Berlin and Walmart to halt a proposed 24-7 superstore to be located at the corner of Read more

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The Lagniappe Brasserie (17001 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin) serves some fine continental fare in a charming setting. The interior has a countrified French feel in a location surrounded by suburbia. The menu changes Read more

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About an hour north of Milwaukee a couple set up shop on an unassuming side street off the city's main drag to share the husband's legacy of hearty Italian recipes. Their restaurant, Bellafini’s Trattoria, was a highlight Read more

Dining Preview

There's a point where rock subgenres such as indie, garage and punk coalesce into something musicians can call their own. New Berlin quartet Outliers takes from all of the above on the band's second album, Neon Leon, and delivers music... Read more

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On a family trip to Arizona a couple of years ago, Becky Berger and her husband, Scott, couldn't help but notice the frozen yogurt shops that seemed to be everywhere, and how popular they were. “The kids just loved it,” she recalls... Read more

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<p> The Mossad became legendary as the spy agency that always got its manwhether he happened to be a Nazi war criminal or a Palestinian terrorist. The 2007 Israeli film <em>The Debt</em>remade three years later with Helen Mirren in the star role.. Read more

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“The mayor, aldermen, plan commissioners and staff at DCD [the Department of Community Development] were aware that community opposition was based in part on race,” the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit states. “The communications they ... Read more

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As a lifelong cinéaste, I have a great affinity for movies of many different kinds. But if forced to name my favorite genre, I’d choose cops-and-robbers, especially those that tell the story of ingenious, big-time heists. You know, caper fi... Read more

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Though Michael Angelakos began Passion Pit as a solo project, writing songs for his girlfriend in his dorm room at Boston’s Emerson College, a lineup of Berklee College of Music students formed around him, and within a year the enthused syn... Read more

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Lately, sports fans have been given many reasons to suspect the worst about the games they love. Between athletes who get away with murder, club owners blackmailing cities to build new stadiums and record books tainted by steroids, the lust... Read more


Alexander is having a bad day. In fact, he’s having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And that’s even before he gets out of bed in the morning, only to find gum stuck in his hair.First Stage Children’s Theater opened the sta Read more

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The pumpkin farm opens for the season on Wednesday, September 16, from 11a-7p daily. The Market and creepy Cornfield opens on Friday, September 18 and stays open until Saturday, October 31. ,Halloween 2009 Read more

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The story is here on the Badgers' website and includes a photo gallery.From the story:Vetter has had an illustrious career at Wisconsin that includes multiple NCAA records and nearly every UW goaltender record. Along with her individual accomplis.. Read more

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The police force in Winnipeg Sun ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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