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For the American media—and especially for “the liberal media”—even the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidential nomination, however distant, seems to invite a reversion to bad old habits Read more

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The Syrian-born singer Gaida was immersed in the musical traditions of her homeland while growing up but found her voice only after moving to New York City. On Levantine Indulgence, she sings in the passionately expressive ululations of the... Read more

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Still wondering about that New York Times McCain piece leaving so much of the Vicki Iseman allegations up in the air? Want to know why it was innuendo heavy, and concrete-fact light? So did Time: "They did this because the The New Republic was.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Phoenix Suns tonight at 7 p.m. at the Bradley Center. People of the Book ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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