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Peter Schjeldahl, who examined visual art with no artspeak for the New Yorker since 1988, compiles 100 of his essays in this book. Read more


New Yorker copy editor Mary Norris has written an entertaining travelogue, Mythology 101 course, lesson in linguistics and memoir. Read more


Despite homogenization and globalization, not to mention migration across state lines, regional differences persist in America’s spoken English. Some of those differences came as a surprise to New Jersey-born New Yorker Josh Katz, who compi... Read more


As an idealistic, progressive voter, I’ve voted for plenty of losing candidates over the years. But there’s never been a U.S. election before where I’ve considered the results clearly un-American until now. Read more

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Hannah Arendt’s phrase, “the banality of evil,” has entered the vocabulary to describe not the architects of human catastrophe but the mechanics and janitors—the “little people” who grease the wheels and lubricate the engines of destr... Read more

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Fifty-plus years ago as a teen seeking the “meaning of contentment,” I listened to Elvis wail “Crying in the Chapel” and decided it was strictly cornball. My mature preferences lead me to the spiritual highs discovered in woodlands Read more

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When Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters that Mitt Romney's foreign investment accounts... Read more

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Elaine Erickson Gallery is on floor one of the Marshall Building, 207 E. Buffalo St. Erickson has certainly seen changes in the business of selling art. As Peter Schjeldahl notes in the May 7, 2012, issue of The New Yorker (“All Is Fairs x9... Read more

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Rock critics often carried on like a boys' club (but then, so did most rock bands). An important, often overlooked female voice from the early years, Ellen Willis, became The New Yorker's first pop music critic in 1968. Sensing that the mus... Read more


A wintry, bleak and impoverished stretch of the Ozarks is the setting for the darkly compelling drama Winter’s Bone. In a Southern gothic worthy of Flannery O’Connor, a teenage girl, Ree (Jennifer Lawrence), is determined to keep her family from .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Milwaukee's German heritage goes back centuries. Options for dining out on food from the fatherland, however, tend to be pricy. The Old German Beer Hall bucks the trend by offering a less expensive place to sample the cuisine of one of the ... Read more

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When you were younger, did you enjoy reading novels of dangerous exploits in fabulous, far The Lost City of Z ,Books Read more


The Boulevard Theatre continues its season with three early shorts by Chicago-born playwri Mam3t Plays, ,Theater Read more


If you thought that the New Yorker Obama cover was offensive, well, you sure didn’t show it. The magazine is having trouble keeping up with the demand for issues with the controversial cover. The New York Post reports that the typical 43,000 newss.. Read more

Happening Now

It may be the longest newspaper correction you’ll ever see. Last week, The Las Vegas Sun devoted 535 words, nine full paragraphs explaining six distinct ways the article manipulated statistics, misreported facts, and improperly generated sources t.. Read more

Happening Now

In his beautifully written preface, New Yorker musiccritic Alex Ross concedes that 20th-c New Yorker ,None Read more

Happening Now