Milwaukee is unique for its large number of still-operating movie theaters from the golden era of cinema. more

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The Milwaukee Film Festival (MFF) continues to expand, but its core mission, according to director Jonathan Jackson, remains “[making] Milwaukee a center of film culture.?" more

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We all need to stop thinking about each other in negative, simple-minded stereotypes. The flooding and damage caused by the recent hurricanes have brought Americans of different backgrounds together in the common cause of helping our fellow... more

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The Foxconn deal signed by Gov. Scott Walker and cheerfully embraced by President Trump looks like one of the biggest swindles in American history—a scandal just waiting to happen. more

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The Shepherd Express’ list of social and political justice-related events in and around Milwaukee for the period September 21-27, 2017. more

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The Tenant-Landlord Mediation Program is only one effort in Milwaukee at reaching better outcomes through the avoidance of adversarial courtroom proceedings. Last year, the family law attorney Su,News Features more

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Joanne Lipo Zovic and Amy Koltz have launched the Tenant-Landlord Mediation Program in order to assist both landlords and their tenants to reduce the necessity of court cases and to solve disputes through non-adversarial discussions. more

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Wisconsin should close Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake, its infamously ill-run youth prisons, and move toward a system of community-based programs to rehabilitate young offenders. more

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The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is launching an Instrument Drive, collecting used instruments to distribute to children and schools in need. more

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The new head of the East Side BID, Kristin Godfrey, discusses her vision for the neighborhood. more

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When you’re a Republican senator voting against flood assistance for millions of Americans adversely affected by catastrophic hurricanes, you have to be awfully glib to fabricate a plausible excuse, and when you’re the president intentional... more

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The Shepherd Express’ clearinghouse for activities in the Greater Milwaukee area that push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions and policies of the Trump administration and other activities that seek to thwart s... more

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Local performing arts groups and community organizations are filling the gap, providing arts-related education for students in schools where budgets for arts education have been slashed. more

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Urban beekeeping is growing in popularity in Milwaukee, where it is fostered by several community organizations and supported by UW-Milwaukee-Extension, Marquette University and city government. more

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Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s career was based on stirring up outrageous ideas on right-wing talk radio. Here’s hoping this is the last column anyone ever writes about him inflicting damage on the lives of others. more

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During his two terms as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has directed state resources to tax cuts for the wealthy rather than investment in education and the state’s future. more

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The Shepherd Express’ list of social and political activism events taking place throughout the Great Milwaukee area Sept. 7-13. more

Saving Our Democracy

Mark Belling says David Clarke is leaving office to take a mysterious new position. more

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The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (ASSEW) is a half-century old grassroots, volunteer-led non-profit organization dedicated to supporting autistic people and educating the public about autism. more