NFL Draft

For all the political mayhem going on these days, it’s always nice to take a half-time break to stop the world and get off. Last week, the NFL draft provided that respite for fans of Wisconsin’s national pastime, LGBTQ or otherwise. Read more


This past weekend Packer GM Brian Gutekunst and company got off to a fast start, but the back half of the draft left a lot of questions about just what they were thinking. Read more

Green Bay Packers

Call the Observers what you will—traitors to the American way, apostates to the great creed of sports fandom—but the NFL's annual pageant for restocking its rosters... Read more

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With reports that Montee Ball would be the sixth-ranked running back and 80th overall in the NFL draft (meaning a mid-third round pick), he has reportedly told people within the football program in Madison that he will return to Wisconsin for his .. Read more

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Such is the suffering of poor Prince Hal (Matt Schwader), who has ascended the throne to b Henry V ,Theater Read more