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Two years after the release of their last album, METZ returns to Milwaukee for a Cactus Club date. Read more

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Milwaukee’s WORK draw from the spirit of pre-internet noise-rock on their blustery, self-effacing new album “Strictly Cruis’n.” Read more

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Two spirited Milwaukee bands joined Minneapolis noise-rockers Animal Lovers for a rewarding, if under-attended, Cactus Club show. Read more

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Latest Flame Records co-founder Dan Hanke reflects on the label ahead of its weekend farewell shows. Read more

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Japanese noise duo Melt-Banana played the Cactus Club, supported by two Milwaukee acts who provided spectacles of their own. Read more

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When you take your band name from the lyrics of a Melvins song, people are bound to expect a certain kind of sound, but while experimental Japanese trio Boris delivers on the kind of sludgy, stoner,Concert Reviews Read more

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Chalk it up as another on the long list of ways that the Internet has made modern life easier and more convenient, but it was only 15 years ago that bands posted flyers when they were seeking a bassist or drummer. These days, of course, a s... Read more

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While all the players in Heavy Hand do time in other acts, it would be selling the band short to dismiss the Milwaukee-based band as a “side project.” In fact, the group’s debut LP, Northwoods Knives (out Aug. 26 on Latest Flame Records)... Read more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners.Mike Schauwitzer along with his brother Eric have been performing under,Music Feature Read more

Music Feature

I hear a bit of early Unwound in Learns to Love Mistakes, the debut full-length from the Milwaukee trio Absolutely, but I hear a little bit of early Unwound in pretty much every post-hardcore album I love, so perhaps it's best to take that compari.. Read more

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The Milwaukee trio King's Horses formed from the ashes of—by their own account—a much worse band. Singer-guitarist Matt Slater, bassist Jack Packard and drummer Kyle Martin had been playing together in a self-described "very crappy pop-pu Read more

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I like to know what I'm drinking. One nice thing about American wines is that they're that ,The Naked Vine Read more


November 01, 2007 Anoise band has to be particularly fantastic in order to be any for ,Concert Reviews Read more

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