Earlier this year Milwaukee rapper El-Shareef released a head-turning mixtape, Retrospective 2: Freeworld , that played a little like a talent reel, going out of its way to give a sense of the rapper's range and versatility. Now he's released a fo.. more

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The shortlist of young Milwaukee rappers preparing to make a mark on the scene is a whole lot less short than it was just a couple of years ago, thanks to a fresh crop of local rappers taking all the right cues from contemporaries like Kendrick La.. more

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Who knew Mo’Nique could act? Before last year, the plus-sized comedienne was best known for starring in the “Moesha” spinoff “The Parkers” and appearing in films like Soul Plane and Phat Girlz . While she brought more

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The proliferation of spam is the least of the Internet’s problems. In Fatal System Error, the Financial Times’ cyberspace correspondent tells the story of Barrett Lyon, a hacker-turned-computer security consultant. Employed by the wiseguys ... more