Noomi Rapace

Child 44 is a serial killer film set in Stalin’s Russia. It grippingly recreates the fearful atmosphere of those days, where a knock on the door at night or the sight of a black car on the street could mean a trip to the Gulag. more

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Although James Gandolfini was not a one-note actor, he will always be associated with Tony Soprano, the role that gained him fame. Admittedly, his blunt-faced, hulking appearance would have inclined him toward gangsters and tough guys even... more

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A pair of New Yorkers unites for the purpose of seeking revenge. Colin Farrell appears as Victor, infiltrating a crime empire in order to get close to kingpin Alphonse (Terrence Howard), responsible for destroying Victor's more

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Not unlike Star Wars two years earlier, Alien (1979) brought something new to science fiction film... more

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