North Star American Bistro


Photo by Nick Smith

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Dining Out

Camp Bar owners Paul and Natalia Hackbarth say they modeled the bar after their cabin in northern Wisconsin. To judge by the looks of the establishment, it must be quite a cabin. For all its taxidermied animal heads, antle Read more

Dining Preview

The grounds of the Rwandan hospital are pleasant and verdant, clean and well kept, but the memories are horrible. Canadian physician James Orbinski was in Rwanda for Doctors Without Frontiers during the genocide that swept the African nation like.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Through June, the Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery will be featuring the work of San Francisco artist Catherine Ryan. She creates imaginative charcoal and acrylic pieces that combine incongruous images of n,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

I have to comment on the audacity of Joel McNally to notbelieve how horrible it was to return from Vietnam. Flower/protest people wereaccepting of vets who joined their cause, that's about it..... maybe a littlehyperbole there, ,Letters Read more

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