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Saturday, Nov. 8 ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

With their high-gloss arena-rock, flashy live shows and tender, soundtrack-ready songs, Northern Room had appropriately been flagged as one of Milwaukee's most commercially promising bands, but the group announced yesterday that they will be break.. Read more

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A relatively new addition to the Water Street drinking and dining district, the Fat Abbey The Coral Sea ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

TheFine Arts Quartet finished their spring season in fine form last Sunday,proving that 31/2Miles to the Center of Somewhere ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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With the coming of April Fools, newspapers and magazines traditionally incorporate pranks into their pages as a way of showing their readers: (1) that the newspaper has a sense of humor and (2) that paying the cover price was an absolute waste of .. Read more

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In response to a short Local Music blurb on the Good Luck Joes licensing songs to the cable program "Greek," the band's manager wrote in to let me know that the group has accomplished something of a Moby-ish feat: They've licensed every song from .. Read more

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March Madness is unbelievable.  In my opinion, it's the best time of the year for sports, with college football bowl season a close second.  Unfortunately, my bracket was royally screwed during the first weekend of the tournament when both UConn a.. Read more

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TheyMight Be Giants hav No! ,CD Reviews Read more

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If Tittsworthwas a cartoon character, he coul Tittsworth performs on Friday, Feb.22, at Moct (240 E. Pittsburgh Ave.). Faraz Farzam and ,Club Noise Read more

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The “lost one” thatBarton Carroll refers to throughout his third solo album i The Lost One ,CD Reviews Read more

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Accordingtothe venerable David Byrne, the better a singer’s voic No! ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Inspector FoyleThe War at HomeDecember 01, 2007 | 08:07 AMWar can be a proving ground for character, a theater where bravery and cowardice play out and values are tested in the heat of conflict. Inevitably, war is hell. In one of the greatest .. Read more

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Charlie Schutze Web site: Charlie Schutze Campaign contact: Contact Charli Abominations ,Elections Read more

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