Scott Walker wasdefinitely aware that his campaign and county staffers were working together toshape his image as he ran for governor in 2010. During theindictments and prosecutions, we learned how clearly his county staffers weredoing polit.. Read more

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A people’s inspection tour of crumbling Milwaukee County facilities turned up some damning evidence of County Executive Scott Walker’s management style.exteriors of five county-owned structurestwo of which are closed beca.. Read more

Daily Dose

Richard Nixon once appointed singer and actress Pearl Bailey, a Broadway staple, America’s “Ambassador of Love.” Though Bailey’s roots were in vaudeville, she was most famous for her roles in productions like Hello, Dolly! a,Today Read more

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The joke should have grown stale by now—band mashes up Beatles favorites with Metallica lyrics and a thrash-metal attitude—but Milwaukee’s Beatallica keeps finding ways to keep it fresh. The group’s latest album, Sgt. Hetfield&rsqu Read more

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