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Here's a comprehensive list of all of the visual arts exhibits scheduled for Fall 2019 in Milwaukee. Read more

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Here's a comprehensive list of all of the dance performances scheduled for Fall 2019 in Milwaukee. Read more

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This week’s highlights include Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival Showcase, which returns to Broadway Theatre Center’s Studio Theatre for an eighth year. Read more

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If you’re looking for something a little different than the usual “holiday season” offerings, consider a concert by The OK Factor, a genre-bending instrumental duo whose music is a happy medium between folk and classical string playing. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Renaissance Theaterworks brings a series of staged readings to various venues early this month as it presents the Br!nk New Work Festival. The Br!nk Award recognizes midwestern female playwright excellence with week long workshops that res.. Read more


Doug Vincent’s autobiographical A Day for Grace covers topics of alcoholism, bullying, drug addiction, dysfunctional families, mental illness and, centrally, suicide in a series of interconnected monologues performed by Vincent. The show in... Read more



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Since 1997, the duo John and Susan Nicholson known as Frogwater has been offering their hometown of Milwaukee a solid repertoire of Celtic music generously mixed with bluegrass, blues and country styles alongside unique original material. This WAM.. Read more

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Photo Credit: Rachel Buth

Tom Klubertanz, Oconomowoc High School’s (OHS) theater director as well as musician and actor, sat down with Off the Cuff to discuss cookies, haggis, the performance by his students at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the decisio... Read more

Off the Cuff

This year, Oconomowoc High School’s Drama program applied to The American High School Theatre Festival to produce a play at next year’s acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Of the roughly 2200 high school programs that applied, Oconomowoc was one .. Read more


The Oconomowoc Arts Center’s MainStage Academy of Dance brings its production of The Nutcracker Ballet to the stage this weekend. The Milwaukee Ballet has its production which will doubtlessly be as well-attended as ever. While it may not have the.. Read more


Since 2008, the Oconomowoc Arts Center has striven to serve the arts in Oconomowoc and the Lake Country region. Featuring several permanent artworks by prominent local artists, including a painting by the late Charles Dix, the facility prov... Read more

Visual Arts

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) composed one of the great masterpieces of sacred choral music, the “German Requiem,” by astutely, even assiduously, avoiding standard requiem texts and references. Its emotional power was drawn from the deaths... Read more

Classical Music

As my own fatherhood looms in the very near future, I’m beginning to become acquainted with the various responsibilities of being a parent. You want to give your kids opportunities without forcing them into any particular role. You want to give .. Read more


There’s a definite kitsch element that goes into any theatrical show that dons a northern Wisconsin accent. The American Folklore Theatre has a pretty solid history of developing Wisconsin-based musicals that have depth beyond the trappings of n.. Read more


Enough time has passed that it's probably safe to declare the American Folklore  Theatre's musical Guys & Does a lasting hit. As north woods-based stage shows about deer hunting go, it has a few years before it can reach the kind of status achie.. Read more


Crowded House’s second post-reunion album—an elegant, mostly laid-backaffair—finds the band continuing to eschew its earlier mainstream appeal andwrite serious alternative-pop songs for grown-ups. Read more

Album Reviews

Milwaukee’s The Warped Cast has taken the idea of “shadow casting” movies—acting them out a la The Rocky Horror Picture Show —to new extremes, giving the midnight movie treatment to flicks like Clue and Jurass Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Although a certain campiness clings to tiki lounges and “exotica,” the musical genre associated with fruity tropical drinks and thatch-covered bars, 1950s exotica band leaders such as Martin Denny were talented musicians with a multi-cultur... Read more

Album Reviews

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, sorry to say that I can’t exactly pony up a fully blown chock-packed jam-full essay for you’s this week on account that for starters, this recent spate of hot Read more

Art for Art's Sake

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has the admirable, Kurt Cobain-like trait of tirelessly endorsing music he loves, and he’s saved some of his highest praise for Milwaukee’s Collections of Colonies of Bees, which he’s called his favorite ba Read more

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