Dickens is so often remembered in December. The man wrote so much more than A Christmas Carol, though . . . and as the weather heats up to the other side of the year, it's a pretty good time to remember some of the themes Dickens covered…and si.. more


Saying Titus Andronicus singer Patrick Stickles bears a resemblance to Conor Oberst is akin to saying Owl City sounds faintly like the Postal Service. Stickles’ throaty quiver is the mirror image of Oberst’s, indistinguishable in both timbre and c.. more

On Music

Who could have ever predicted that David Lynch would make a G-rated film—and for Disney, at that? Abandoning his signature, nightmarish mix of sex, violence and ghoulish evil, Lynch made a quiet, understated film about an old man (Richard F... more

Today in Milwaukee

It’s a morose thought, but could the country’s economic situation actually be A Christmas Carol ,Today in Milwaukee more

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