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My coworker found my long-time boyfriend on an online dating site. He cheated, and I am embarrassed and angry! Now I want revenge and everyone to know what a scum he is. What is the name of that online reporting site? How can I get the word out? Read more

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On a recentThursday night, I walked into a trendy East Side bar, ordered an IPA andproceeded to have a conversation with a complete stranger for about two hours.We engaged in the type of first date fodder we’ve all grown accustomed to—wher.. Read more

Happening Now

Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about how to make his wedding night special, and one of the worst bad date stories you've ever heard from local comedian Greg Bach.Want to hear your question answered on a future episode? Send it to .. Read more

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I am 25 years old and I have been depressed for about eight years. I used to see [a counselor] during college, but stopped for a while and am now starting to see a counselor again.I am extremely introverted when it comes to women Read more


The state Supreme Court’s ruling on Justice Michael Gableman’s race-baiting 2008 campaign ad is nearly as shocking as the ad itself.In dual decisions released late at night, six Supreme Court justices offered two verdicts on whether its new... Read more

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