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“If Clarke’s deputies pull over a mother for a broken tail light and detain her for Immigration, the public has no right to know. Her children have no right to know." more

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“Today, the majority opinion significantly dims the lights on transparency in government and shuts off some lights by concluding that the Department of Justice may withhold both of the videos in their entirety,” Justice Shirley Abrahamso... more

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Through open records requests, the Center for Media and Democracy found that despite his denials Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) continued his quest to shield legislators from the public’s prying eyes and conceal their secrets afte... more

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Ray Cross, Flickr CC

The irony of Gov. Scott Walker’s escalating war on his home state media is it’s the softest, friendliest, least critical press he’s likely to face from now on outside of those blithering fools at Fox. more

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Unfortunately, the public didn’t get to participate in Monday’s meeting of the Joint Finance Committee, and only got to hear testimony from hand-selected participants who support the current deal to build a Bucks arena with $377 million of ... more

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State Sen. LeahVukmir (R-Wauwatosa), who’s on the national board of the corporate bill-millALEC, will turn over her ALEC emails to the Center for Media and Democracy. ALEC had beenstamping its emails with a disclaimer, saying that they were c.. more

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Gov. Scott Walker’s aides in his Milwaukee County executive’s office used their private emails to share information protected by attorney-client privilege, confidential contract bidding details, and more

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Drama has only increased in the weeks since the Milwaukee County board’s 13-5 vote to terminate the county’s top attorney, Kimberly Walker, hand-picked by County more

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Any politician trying to make meaningful change is in for a tremendous challenge, as noble ideals become complicated by real-world concerns. Playwright August Wilson examines this idea in Radio Golf, the final play in Wilson’s exhaustive 10... more