Opening Day


Illustration by Melissa Lee Johnson

The single biggest challenge for the Milwaukee Brewers this season will be the insanely difficult division they play in. Read more

Milwaukee Brewers

The early weeks of MLB spring training have not provided many new answers to the questions the Milwaukee Brewers brought with them to the 2018 NL Championship. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Here are three players with some work to do in the weeks ahead. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle

We’ve endured a long 182 days since the last time the Milwaukee Brewers played a game that counted in the standings, but today that drought ends as Miller Park reopens its doors to host the Brewers and San Francisco Giants at 1:10 p.m. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle

Opening Day inMilwaukee was once quite a bit different than it is today. If current openersare a night out on Water Street, opening day at County Stadium was a post-shiftknock-around at a corner bar in West Allis. The hulking old freighter o.. Read more

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When it comes to Summerfest, people place a curious significance on opening day, as if it’s some sort barometer by which you can read precisely how the next week and a half are going to play out.,Concert Reviews Read more

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The start of baseball season with every team tied for first place used to be the time when Milwaukee Brewers fans could put everything out of their minds other than their Read more

Taking Liberties

The Milwaukee Brewers' most successful season in a quarter-century left fans wondering whether the team would be able to follow it up, especially now that... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

It’s not that Whole Foods’ beer selection is the largest in the city; it’s where the beer selection can be found that’s notable—on a long aisle of refrigerated shelves in a grocery store that offers an expansive variety of hi Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

Despite my somewhat recent obsession with the Brewers (2005), I’ve never actually been to Opening Day. I know it’s a Milwaukee holiday to be celebrated on par with St. Patrick’s Day, but see, even with my Irish roots, I don’t head out on March 17... Read more

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The .357 String Band’s 8 p.m. show at the Turner Hall Ballroom will be a homecoming of sorts for the Milwaukee punk-bluegrass band, the first time they've played locally in six months after extensive ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Colin O’Brien’s songs are timeless. Many of the numbers on his new CD, Dancing you ,Local Music Read more

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Xiu Xiu - "Women as Lovers" Xiu Xiu's demented post-punk/synth-pop overtures should feel like a tired shtick by this point, but the group keeps finding new ways to keep their tortured sound fresh. This time out, Jamie Stewart has peppe.. Read more

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It's warm outside (comparatively), so you'd better enjoy it while it lasts. Take advantage Shepherd Express ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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