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Opening night for the Rep’s production of Endgame was Easter Sunday, so there weren’t many people there. It always seemed vaguely strange that the Rep chose to open its Stiemke shows on Sunday, but I’ve never asked for a reason. Whatever the reaso.. more


There was a column by Jonah Goldberg in Tuesday’s paper about David Mamet’s recent essay in the Village Voice. Goldberg’s the neo-conservative guy with the glasses. Mamet’s the guy who wrote Glengarry Glen Ross. Mamet’s essay proclaimed that its a.. more


Ashanti Hamilton, theFirst District representative on the Milwaukee Common Council, shoul Shepherd Express ,News Features more

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On Feb. 19, voters in Milwaukee’sEast Side and Riverwest neighborhoods will have a Shepherd Express ,News Features more

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Among the interesting debates in county government is the clash of ideas between Milwaukee Shepherd ,News Features more

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Filmed through a video camera carried around by participants in the catastrophe it depicts Cloverfield ,Film more

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