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Movies coming soon: Justice League, Novitiate, The Star, Wonder. Read more

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Under Ava DuVernay’s direction, Selma captures the uncertainty and the lethal dangers that confronted civil rights activists. The film is a masterpiece. For anyone who despairs at the prospect of battling injustice, it serves as a great ins... Read more

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Older audiences received short shrift for decades from the movie industry. Lately, aging Baby Boomers have flexed their wallets and producers in Hollywood (and its outskirts) are responding. Alongside significant films such as Alexander Pa... Read more

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Dapper and affable, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has become the foremost public spokesman for African American history. With his PBS series “Exploring Our Roots” (out on DVD), Gates begins his genealogical journey with his own people before broadenin.. Read more

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With an urban-slum setting similar to Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire, only without any feel-good carrot at the end of the string, Pedro Costa’s three-hour drama In Vanda’s Room paints a realist picture of the Read more

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