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Is it possible for a female to not enjoy oral sex [performed] on her, or is he just doing it wrong?It’s possible that either one or both of these things are true—receiving oral sex could just not be your thing, your partner could need to pr... Read more


When the words Deep Throat first appeared on the old iron marquee of the Parkway Theatre at 34th and Lisbon on Dec. 26, 1972, almost no one knew what it meant. It was just another dirty movie playing at one of the city’s Read more

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My wife and I have never had a strong oral sex relationship, but we have had one nonetheless. As usual, every time I would ejaculate, it was thick, white, etc. Aside from our sex life, I have kept a healthy habit of masturbation. I have bee... Read more


My boyfriend always finishes before I can orgasm. What can we do about that? Although I don't know the gender of the person who submitted this question, I'm going to answer as if the writer is female. This is because it's not uncommon... Read more


Whenever two people are onstage, it’s never ust two people onstage. There are also two characters onstagepersonas the the two people are wither consciously or unconsciously projecting at an audience. When the characters in question are also acto.. Read more


My wife and I have been married for three years and have been together for almost 10 years. The problem I have is that I can't hold an erection during sex, though I can during oral. It puts a lot of stress on our marriage because my wife ca... Read more


Imagining and writing The Lord of the Rings was a mighty undertaking, as was Peter Jackson’s effort to film a trilogy Stanley Kubrick once pronounced as unfilmable. As shown in Doug Adams’ suitably massive tome, The Music of The Lord of the Rings.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

ESPN announced the Juergen Klinsman will be one of their analysts for the World Cup this summer.In general, soccer announcers and analysts here in the states are sub-par. Former players are trotted through a revolving door and ESPN has had a har.. Read more

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I am hanging out with a bunch of gay guys, and they have lots of oral sex. Read more

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[We're] new at this. We both were wondering why gay men have oral sex? The two of us are considering doing it [for the first time] and want to know if it is safe. I have tasted my own cum after masturbating, an,SEXPress Read more

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As some of you might recall, earlier this year we received this submission from a reader: I really enjoy your column and have a question. Do you have any suggestions on how to perform oral,SEXPress Read more


I really enjoy your column and have a question. Do you have any suggestions on how to perf Read more

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My wife and I had a sexual relationship for a little more than seven years before we got m Read more

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