Ordinary Days

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All In Productions’ Ordinary Days (by Adam Gwon) catches you off guard in the best of ways—motivating you to think about the ideas of accepting change and overcoming the fear of its consequences. It also delves into how we connect, either e... Read more


Ordinary Days could be anywhere. The set by Scenic Designer Burt Gross is simple and elegant with functional pieces that suggest the skyline of a major city. There are specific references in the script that firmly set the show in New York City.. Read more


New York has become a symbol in ways that might not have been previously anticipated. The bewildering social difficulties in a “city that never sleeps,” have grown from a metropolitan condition to the condition of life in a modern world of .. Read more


New York continues to be the New Yorkiest New York ever in Ordinary Days--a musical about New Yorkers in New York doing New York things that singles do in New Yorky ways while being... in New York ! All-In Productions will be staging a pro.. Read more


The solar-powered Satellite Crepes cart can be spotted orbiting around the city of Milwaukee, stopping at lunch, dinner and bar time to serve the hungry hordes on the campuses of local universities, at community gatherings and outside crowd... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

Whiskey Bar is throwing the ultimate bash this Halloween! The three-night extravaganza takes place October 28-30, 2010. Thursday includes a Pumpkin Carving Contest, the winner gets either a year supply of Miller Lite or Jack Daniels! Plus, ... Read more

Around MKE

How much will Wisconsin’s government change as a result of the Nov. 2 general election? Will voters get swept up in the supposed national movement to knock out incumbents by electing political novices with extreme ideologies? Or will they s... Read more

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