The latest film by British director Sally Potter, The Party, spares no one’s feelings or ideas as a friendly get-together dissolves into angry recrimination. more

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If the Milwaukee Brewers are going to reach the postseason this year, they have some work to do against their own division: NL Central opponents make up 22 of their final 25 games. more

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No surprise that Donald Trump’s reaction to the Orlando shooting managed to combine three of his favorite topics—hatred of immigrants, hatred of Muslims and love of himself. more

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In Spain it is a tradition that has been going on forcenturies to run bulls through the streets every year. In Hammond, Wisconsinthere is a similar tradition, except it involves llamas running through themain strip of their downtown area. Thi.. more

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One look at the cover art of HBO's Temple Grandin is enough to either put you off, or pique your interest. It depicts Claire Danes in a Shirley Temple moptop and a cowgirl shirt straight out of the '40s. The retro getup replicates real-life... more

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The Fray and Chicago have been announced as the latest Summerfest headliners. The Fray, a Denver piano-rock band that conquered the charts when their single “How to Save a Life” became the unofficial theme to “Grey’s Anatomy,” will affirm t.. more

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Orlando, Fla., group Slippery Slopes plays what can best be described as a surf-punk hybrid—but the punk in question is relatively light by contemporary standards, of the user-friendly Stooges brand (their lead singer can often sound like a dead ... more

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Did the manufactured controversy over Ludacris' booking last year at Summerfest make event organizers more reluctant to book rap acts this year? Pick up a copy of the Summerfest guide in this week's Shepherd and judge for yourself. You can count t.. more

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Looking for a little afternoon delight, soccer fans? The Milwaukee Wave can scratch that Don’t Go Russian Off ,Today in Milwaukee more

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