Orson Welles

Frankly Music's Nov. 27 performance will feature works from the serious side of well-known Hollywood composers Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Bernard Herrmann. more

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Recent Blu-ray and DVD releases include: Dare to Drum documents the creative process between the Dallas-based percussion ensemble D’Drum, Police drummer Stewart Copeland and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; The Island of Dr. Moreau, starring ... more

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Steve Spice examines the cinematic output of Orson Welles. more

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Steve Spice examines Gregg Toland’s cinematic vision in two classic films, Wuthering Heights and Citizen Kane. more

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Tracing Orson Welles’ roots from his Midwestern upbringing through his early successes, award-winning Milwaukee writer Patrick McGilligan’s Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane is a sweeping narrative, groun... more

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Orson Welles was born 100 years ago this month in Kenosha. To celebrate his centennial, the Citizen Welles Society of Kenosha is sponsoring a month of events honoring the legendary filmmaker and radio pioneer. more

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As Dark City opens, Charlton Heston swaggers out of a store decorated for Easterand into a harsher reality—tenement streets overhung with fire escapes and hardsurfaces covered with a thin coat of grime. Dark City (1950), aclassic of B film noir.. more

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The coolest movie never made, and probably the most influential, is the subject of the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune. A decade before David Lynch’s widely derided rendition of the Frank Herbert novel, Latin-American cult more

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 Orson Welles enjoyed his pipe and according to anew graphic novel, he was also fond of Cuban cigars, especially one brand. In The Cigar that Fell in Love with a Pipe bywriters-illustrators David Camus and Nick Abadzis, Welle.. more

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 DeanMartin had several careers, from straight man to Jerry Lewis through drinking buddyfor Frank Sinatra and star of a weekly television variety show. In his waningyears, Martin hosted a series of televised celebrity roas.. more

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 GabrielMiller states his case repeatedly in WilliamWyler: The Life and Films of Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Director (University Press of Kentucky): “Few directors could match Wyler’s range, hispsychological subtlety, his .. more

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 Sneering Edward G. Robinson made his name ingangster pictures, but in The Stranger (1946) he's on the right side of thelaw. Robinson plays Wilson, an investigator with the Allied war crimestribunal, an angry man who breaks th.. more

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Theater was born in ancient Athens in amphitheaters much like the one overlooking the city where this hit-filled concert was recorded. Peter Gabriel brought rock theater to an exceptional level in staging, lighting, choreography and gesture... more

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 WilliamRandolph Hearst was a looming figure in American history, even before OrsonWelles memorably transposed him into a half-fictional character. Even after hisdeath in 1951, the media empire he built carried on and shows no signs ofslowin.. more

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<p> It's a bit jarring: the glaring error that leaps from the first sentence of the introduction to <em>Film &amp; Genocide</em> (published by University of Wisconsin Press). The word genocide was not coined in 1933 as the book states, but 1943, .. more

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Marlene Dietrich is remembered in various ways. World War II buffs know her for singing the international hit of those years, “Lili Marlene,” that touched a chord among lonely soldiers the world over. TCM fans who have seen Dietrich scattered.. more

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Mention Bing Crosby to many Baby Boomer rock fans and eyes will roll. For them, he represented everything out of date. He was dad’s favorite singer. But as recent biographies have shown, Crosby was once a hipster and an innovator; as a youn... more

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Concert programming can be mysterious business. On paper last weekend’s Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concert appeared to be a hodgepodge mix of American music. In practice it turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster with satisfying, accu... more

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Every Monday night at the Jazz Estate, singer-songwriter Marc Ballini, mandolinist Ryan Ogburn and guitarist Craig Baumann present an informal, free evening of music at the Jazz Estate. The residency has changed markedly since more

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There’s no shortage of young bands resurrecting the sounds of American bluegrass these days, but many of them do so in the spirit of modern jam music, spinning long improvisations from the genre’s strident twang. Milwaukee’s .357 String more

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