Otto Preminger

Film noir is a style, a mood and an implicitcommentary on American society. Although French critics coined the term in the1950s, the genre was already coalescing in 1941 with the release of The MalteseFalcon . As the term suggests, the films we.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

In 1516, Raphael painted La Donna Velata (The Woman With the Veil) i>. Through June 6, the High Renaissance painter’s magnificentportrait is on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) in a one-work exhibition Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The opening images are the tip-off—the unseen hands spray-painting yard sale LPs to look like gold records fit for a scam artist’s walls. The scammers in Great World of Sound work for a vanity record company posing as the real deal. The label pre.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Otto Preminger’s stage and screen Nazis (think Stalag 17) maywell have provided a p Stalag 17 ,Books Read more