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Photo by Ross Zetner/ Bronzeville Arts Ensemble

Bronzeville Arts Ensemble and Theatre LILA’s production of The Mojo and the Sayso is an astute and timely masterpiece. Inspired by the 1974 shooting of a black 10-year-old by a police officer who allegedly mistook him for a burglar, Aishah ... Read more


A diva and a sharp knife prove a deadly combination in Tosca, which opened Madison Opera’s season this past weekend. But Giacomo Puccini’s perennial potboiler of love, death and political intrigue may have never sounded this good Read more

Classical Music

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Visual Arts

It's almost a shame to lump in Lucero with all those other alt-country bands, since instead of the passive folk and timid retro-twang that predominate that genre, this Memphis group kicks up an edgier, rockier sound, a fiercer take on The R... Read more

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