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Renderings courtesy of Summerfest

Summerfest's U.S. Cellular Connection Stage is getting a makeover. Actually it's a little bit more than a makeover: The stage will be completely torn down and replaced with what the festival announced today as "a new, larger stage with an enhanced.. Read more

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It’s a clever idea for generating comedy. Get thirteen actors together and improvise scenes that take place at a party. Then a group of writers take a couple of weeks to hammer out a script based on that improvisation and forge it into a single, c.. Read more



The Supremes

Even if you only sporadically listen to the radio, you’ve probably noticed that the term “oldies” doesn’t mean what it used to a decade or two ago. The early rock hits of the ’50s and ’60s have been gradually pushed out by the hits of the ’70s .. Read more

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Thomas Hawk, Flickr CC

The Safe House, theiconic spy-themed Milwaukee bar and restaurant, has been sold to the Marcus Restaurant Group as oftoday. The previous owners, Dave and Shuana Baldwin, have retired. They ownedthe restaurant for 49 years. The restaurant open.. Read more

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Von Stiehl Winery's Meetthe Makers event is coming up Saturday, June 20th.  Meet the Makers is a unique wine and beer festival with a flavor all its own.The one day festival offerstest batches and unique blends newly released by Von Stiehl Winer.. Read more

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Milwaukee Radio Alliance

Milwaukee Radio Alliance, the broadcasters behind local stations B93.3 and FM 102.1, introduced a new station today: The Party 100.3 and 1290 AM, an uptempo oldies station that will include a broad sweep of music from the '60s through the '90s. In.. Read more

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Black Sheep

This Friday, Oct. 31, Black Sheep invites Milwaukeeans tothe Walker’s Point neighborhood for its everything-villain Halloween party. Dressas your favorite sinister character and enjoy three biting new cocktails in thesinfully decorated bar. No .. Read more

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BJ Gruling

Rick Clark and BJ Gruling of Whitefish Bay opened Kilwins Chocolates, Fudge and Ice Cream Saturday, Sept.  20, at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale (5756N. Bayshore Drive). To celebrate, the couple cordially invites the public toits fall festival.. Read more

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Many in our country, and especially in Wisconsin, are trying to figure out ways to lower the level of anger and conflict between those who disagree on political issues and public policy. Unfortunately, Milwaukee County Read more

Issue of the Week

Sometimes an artistic life inspires healing and redemption. These qualities permeate the work of Lon Michels in his exhibition at Tory Folliard Gallery, titled “Lon Michels: Life Lived Large.” Raised in Marquette, Wis., Michels... Read more

Visual Arts

Following the Saturday night performance of Dracula , Michael Pink's ballet adaptation of the classic horror story, the Milwaukee Ballet hosts... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The St. Francis Brewing Co. (3825 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.) is hosting a New Year's Eve party on December 31st from 9pm until 2am. They will be offering a DJ and dancing; appetizers and a dessert buffet; party favors; a Midnight champagne toast... Read more

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For its quartet of exhibitions that opened Nov. 9, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) focuses on illustration—a vital art form in advertising, animation, digital gaming, graphic novels, package design, traditional publishing and... Read more

Visual Arts

Wisconsin’s three craft distilleries have not shied away from distilling American whiskey, despite encountering some reluctance and skepticism from those who question whether good whiskey can be crafted outside of certain states. Death’s Do... Read more

Dining Preview

Once primarily the domain of the pale and sweater-clad, indie-rock has set its sights on the beach over the last year, with hordes of bands singing in (often literal) images of sun, sand and summer. These motifs carried throughout albums by Surfer.. Read more

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Some Girls may or may not have been the last truly great Rolling Stones albumEmotional Rescue and Tattoo You could also fight it out for that honorbut more importantly, Some Girl was the last Rolling Stones album where the band sounded truly comfo.. Read more

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In the near future, the rich extend their lives using robotic spare parts sold by a corporation calling itself the Union. Organs cost upwards of $600,000 and are financed at 19% interest. Pitchman Frank (Liev Schreiber) persuades the reluct... Read more

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All artists need the opportunity to fail. Risk-taking is indispensable. What serious opportunities for trial and error exist for artists in Milwaukee after they leave the relative safety of a college program? This is not an idle question.Da... Read more

Classical Music

In 1516, Raphael painted La Donna Velata (The Woman With the Veil). Through June 6, the High Renaissance painter’s magnificent portrait is on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) in a one-work exhibition titled “Raphael: The Woman Read more

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The Charles Allis Art Museum’s “Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now,” on display through May 19, provides artists with an opportunity to exhibit in a prestigious museum. Changes to this year’s format include the acceptance of th Read more

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