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Off the Wall Theatre’s brilliant, understated treatment of Jean Paul Sartre’s existentialist masterpiece No Exit—a play about three psyches in hell—brings the work to the level of a joy to watch. Read more


Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit is an existentialist classic. Three people are locked in a room together for all of eternity. The vision of hell from 1944 is a disturbing now as it’s ever been. No iPhone. No Facebook. No wi-fi. Just three other.. Read more


The guy who wrote Our Town also wrote a pseudo-biblical story about the end of the world. Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth is a strangely post-modern play for 1942. It’s a weird mash-up of drama and comedy that mixes fourth wall-bre.. Read more


Way back in 1978, playwright Terrance McNally wrote a comedy about a group of actors and others hanging out with a playwright and producer as they await opening night reviews of a new Broadway show. He could not have known back then when h.. Read more


Off The Wall Theatre’s staging of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum provides a Roman romance at the heart of bad comedy, but serves as something of a holiday alternative. Read more

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The contemporary rock musical Spring Awakening is one of the most aggressively intense theatrical presentations to be brought to the stage in a long time. It was conceived in the last decade of the last century. After various workshops, co.. Read more



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Off the Wall Theatre’s Artistic Director Dale Gutzman and classics scholar John Angelos have created a new stage version of Homer’s Odyssey that incorporates film, special effects, giant balloons, hundreds of yards of twine, Kabuki Theater,... Read more



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Off the Wall Theatre stages the camp classic The Valley of the Dolls, featuring Mark Hagen, Jeremy C. Welter and Patrick McCann. The show runs Dec. 31-Jan 11, 2015. Read more


The historical and spiritual context of stained-glass art only adds to the enjoyment of this form in the 21st century. Often, however, the beauty of the final product overshadows the creative process required to create stained-glass Read more

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Whether it's The Bad Plus’ album's worth of prog rock covers, snark-scented tribute to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or straight-faced take on ABBA, it’s always been a bit hard to take the trio completely seriously as a jazz group. At Read more

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What do the tea party ideologues mean when they speak of liberty and freedom and the Constitution that they supposedly revere? Sometimes they are described as libertarians, but the behavior of their leading candidates betrays an authoritari... Read more

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