For some, patriotism is loyalty to the country, for others it is criticizing the government when necessary, as psychotherapist Philip Chard explains. Read more

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The Democratic convention just showed us the multiracial face of America as it exists today. The Republican nominee continues to show us the vile, twisted face of racism and bigotry in America. Read more

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Toby Keith can be subtle and thoughtful, capable of making palpable very adult and nuanced emotions of longing, loss and regret. That was not, perhaps appropriately, the Toby Keith who played The M,Concert Reviews Read more

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Like many men who volunteered for the U.S. Army in World War II, my late father never boasted about his years in uniform. A patriot to his core, he nevertheless Read more

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The Fourth of July is the birthday of American exceptionalism—originally, the idea cherished by the nation... Read more

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by Robbie Hartman November 01, 2007Two months ago, I thought porking Ann Coulter was Could you describe or explain the Guest Expressions campaign? ,Banana Soup Read more

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Has anybody else noticed that Myspace has been even more unruly than usual lately? I know this is a bit off the usual topic of music, but I bring it up since these days I only use my Myspace account to access band pages. Today in just the few minu.. Read more

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