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Paul Ryan has abandoned the biggest lie of his career about the urgency of reducing the nightmare of U.S. budget deficits, but his new lies about Republican tax cuts benefitting the middle class will create a brand-new American nightmare. Read more

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It’s always amazed me that so many national journalists appear to believe much of what Paul Ryan says when it has so very often turned out to be glaringly untrue. Read more

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Anybody who purchased the debut from the Brooklyn indie-rock ensemble San Fermin on the strength of their live show must have been a little disappointed to discover the group's most commanding presence wasn't even featured on that record. Singers .. Read more

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The second best thing that happened in November with President Barack Obama’s re-election was that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s fundamental dishonesty was exposed for the entire nation to see. Read more

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Only in the narrow, dimly lighted minds of those in control of today's Republican Party... Read more

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Only in the Republican Party would Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan be considered... Read more

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has a scorcher on Rep. Paul Ryan, the alleged “intellectual” of the conservative movement. Krugman’s not the first one to notice that the GOP’s Young Gun is shooting blanks. But his.. Read more

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Thirst and Vine recently opened its doors in Shorewood at the site of the former Jean Pierre (4330 N. Oakland Ave.). Thirst and Vine combines a retail wine shop with a café. The small menu consists of soups, salads, panini and a few entrees... Read more

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Hero of the Week: Rev. Joseph Ellwanger OnNov. 14, the Birmingham Ci Shepherd ,Expresso Read more


The Pabst Theater foundation this morning announced a slew of its 2010 shows, including: * David Bazan, the former Pedro the Lion singer-songwriter (and, as his latest solo album outlines, fallen Christian), at the Pabst Theater on Sunday, Ap.. Read more

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