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Recently released on Blu-ray and DVD: In Between (Bar Bahar), Seven, Blaze, The Half-Breed. more

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The latest feature from Pixar Studio, Cars 3, concerns the arrogant brashness of youth when it despises the experience of age, and the ability—even the necessity—of elders to adapt to changing times. more

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No longer a young stud actor, Paul Newman dealt with aging by playing older roles. Directing himself in 'Harry & Son' (1984), Newman stars as a construction worker failing in health and hard put to relate to his son, a surfer-boy wannabe au... more

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 Paris Blues is one of the greatest Hollywood jazzmovies—and one of the best films ever about the American expatriate experiencein Paris (back before the city became a museum of memories for tourists). The1961 gem (out on Blu-ray.. more

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Toronto composer, violinist and singer Owen Pallett began his solo career under the nom de plume Final Fantasy, named for the video game series that inspired Pallett’s dream-like songs. After the inevitable copyright challenges, Pallett more

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