Off the Cuff with John McGivern, celebrated Milwaukee-born actor and host of the beloved PBS program “Around the Corner with John McGivern.” Read more

Off the Cuff

Boswell Book Company proprietor Daniel Goldin a Milwaukee PBS representative will discuss the eight-part PBS television series “The Great American Read” at the bookstore on July 11. Read more


The life and ideas Fred Rogers are illuminated in the moving documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Read more

Film Reviews

The first American death in the conflict that grew into the Vietnam War was, in the words of Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns, “the result of a tragic misunderstanding." Lieut. Col. A PeterDewey was in Saigon in 1945 trying t.. Read more

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Thelocally produced independent television series “Wisconsin Foodie” has won an Emmy. The award was presented atthe Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmys on Dec. 3 in the category of OutstandingAchievement for Magazine Programming – Series for.. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Public Television (c) 2014.

Culinary educator Alamelu Vairavan, born and raisedin India but a Milwaukee resident for most of her adult life, has a deep desireto educate people about healthy, flavorful cooking with legumes, rice, meat andfresh veggies. She also hopes to fa.. Read more

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If you couldn’t see it live, here’s a television version to rival Mary Martin’s. If you saw it at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, you can thrill to it again in close-up Read more

Classical Music

<p> The Guy Ritchie-Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes are entertaining Hollywood spectacles, but the sharpest recent rendition of Arthur Conan Doyle\'s mastermind comes in the form of the BBC series “Sherlock.” Its setting is now and Holmes is a tec.. Read more

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<p> Charles Dickens was perhaps the most popular British author of his age and unlike his literary contemporaries, Dickens' legacy continues to grow two centuries later. PBS' Masterpiece Classics marks the bicentennial of his birth with a new BBC.. Read more

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Seeking applause from a right-wing audience in Michigan, Mitt Romney vowed: "I will cut spending... Read more

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We tend to think of Oxford, the mother of universities in the English-speaking world, as an intellectual refuge. But in the stories of Colin Dexter and the two British television series spun from them, “Inspector Morse” and “Inspector Lewis,.. Read more

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Julia McKenzie has played the English spinster sleuth in recent installments of the popular British series “Agatha Christie's Miss Marple” with the quiet good sense one has come to expect. In a new episode, “The Pale Horse,” Marple is dra.. Read more

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Threats of blackmail, an attempted suicide, a trip to the police station—finding love is never easy. And a play involving those elements breaks the mold of what one might expect from a comedy. So it is with Gina Gionfriddo’s romantic comedy... Read more


“Paris: The Luminous Years” explores the city where modernism in the arts coalesced into movements that changed the way we looked at our world. The PBS documentary (out on DVD) ignores the fact that during some of the years covered, 1900-1930, Par.. Read more

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The sinking of the Titanic dominates the opening of “Downton Abbey,” the hit British series airing stateside on PBS’ “Masterpiece Classic” starting this weekend. Reading the news at his breakfast table, the Earl of Grantham is mortified. For him.. Read more

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SPiN is hosting a Teen Ping Pong Party the day after Christmas (Sunday, December 26) from 3pm until 7pm. The party is for all teens 14 years old and up. While the teens play some ping pong, the adults can stay at the bar and watch the game!... Read more

Happening Now

Not many American politicians in 2010 would describe themselves as “militant liberals,” but Hubert H. Humphrey wore the badge proudly. The PBS documentary “Hubert Humphrey: The Art of the Possible” (out on DVD) follows his remarkable career from.. Read more

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Dapper and affable, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has become the foremost public spokesman for African American history. With his PBS series “Exploring Our Roots” (out on DVD), Gates begins his genealogical journey with his own people before broadenin.. Read more

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If you attend “Summerdances: Uncovered,” the major concert to be presented through June 5 by the Department of Dance of the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, you will do well to bring an open mind about what constitutes contemporary dan... Read more

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A Mexico-raised, Chicago-based artist who takes cues from Salvador Dali and Bill Sienkiewicz, painter Luis De La Torre explores what it means to be a modern Mexican-American in his exhibition, “Welcome to the Holy Land,” which runs through ... Read more

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