Perry Mason

A compelling documentary, Addiction Incorporated focuses on Philip Morris research scientist Victor DeNoble who revealed lab tests showing how easily rats become addicted to nicotine and that cigarettes are designed to addict smokers. more

Apr 5, 2016 3:24 PM Home Movies

The lost highway of which Hank Williams sang is the visual motif in The Last Ride, a fictionalized story of that final road trip ending in Williams’ death on New Year’s Day, 1953. Told from the perspective of the naïve kid (Jesse more

Jun 20, 2013 1:21 PM Home Movies

Raymond Burr was in excruciating pain as he filmed the final “Perry Mason” episodes in 1993. Almost no one on the set knew he was dying of cancer. Biographer Michael Seth Starr is not surprised. According to Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life.. more

Jun 8, 2008 4:00 AM I Hate Hollywood

Local stand-up comedian Scott Henry performs two shows tonight at the Comedy Caf', a Antigone ,Today in Milwaukee more

Mar 7, 2008 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee