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Anti-Trump conservatives like George Will are suggesting that even with a diverse field of candidates, the Democrats might need some new ones. Read more

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As LGBTQ History Month wanes, let’s reflect on 2019’s events that have become part of our history; it’s a mix of good and bad, of course. Read more


Pete Buttigieg taught us all a lesson about coming out: it is about accepting one’s worthiness of love in order to achieve one’s wholeness as a human being. Read more

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The good news for Democrats is that, after some squabbling, the candidates did present some positive ideas to restore competent national leadership. Read more

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It’s time to clear away the clutter of so many candidates with almost no support and give those with the most popular and financial backing more opportunities to present their messages. Read more

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The primaries are months away but the race for public attention has begun. Read more

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Some favor decriminalization without legalization, while others want nothing short of legalized marijuana use nationally. Read more

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With one year left before the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, we need to understand who the candidates are. Read more

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